Scirpus atrovirens
Common names: Black Or Green Bulrush, Dark Green Bulrush
Family: Cyperaceae
Physiographic Region(s) Inhabited by Plant:
Mountain Piedmont Coastal Plain
Region: Mountain, Piedmont, Coastal Plain
States: Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia
Plant Type: Herbaceous Emergent (Can grow with roots in water)
Height: 3 - 6 feet
Spreads: None
Sun Exposure: Full Sun
Soil Texture: Clay, Loamy
Soil Moisture: Wet, Flooded
pH: 4 - 8
Blooms in: June to August
Bloom Color: brown
Bears Fruit: June to August
Fruit Type: achene (dry, flat seed)
Fruit Color: brown
Evergreen: no
Ground Cover: no
shallow emergent marsh, shrub swamp, floodplain forest, hardwood swamp; swamps, bogs, wet meadows, swales, ditches
Wildlife Use: Water Fowl, Small Mammals
Notes: grows in clumps or sod-forming; tolerates permanent inundation with water